0-5 min - Introductions, Basic ball handling


5-15 min - Warm up and stretches - Introduction of Life Skills Topic of the Day (TOD)


15-25 min - Basic skills work e.g. Passing techniques


25-35 min - Progressive skills work e.g. Passing on the move; Connection to TOD


35-45 min - Game environment skills e.g. Passing under pressure; Connection to TOD


45-60 min - Small sided game incorporating focus skill e.g. Passing to score

60-75 min - Cool down and group discussion of TOD

Past Volunteer Coaches and Mentors


P.O. Michael Spagnoletti, Community Relations Officer, D.A.R.E. Instructor, Allegheny County Police Department

Jeff Bergamasco, PA National Guard Counter Drug Program

Max Elliott-Quinerly, Women’s Center and Shelter

Rhonda Fleming, Women’s Center and Shelter

Rich Salvini, Assistant Head Coach Riverhounds Soccer Club

Lucas Heasley, Professional Soccer Player, Riverhounds Soccer Club

Bill Holt, Allegheny Juvenile Court

Stacy Haines, Community Oriented Police Services, Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office

Jason Tarap, Community Oriented Police Services, Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office

Giuseppe Francioni, Licensed Soccer Referee, Laws of the Game

Jonathan Velotta, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Taylor, Co-Founder, Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community

James Meara, Co-Founder, Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community

Justin Forzano, Founder, Cameroon Football Development Program

The Pittsburgh Promise

Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community Typical Training Session

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